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Please read below for HELPFUL Tips. Especially if you are a “newbie!”

1)  The Charterer (Renter) MUST be over the age of 25 to rent a houseboat and drive.  No one will be allowed to stay on a houseboat without the            renter.  A valid Driver’s license and Major Credit Card (not Debit) must be presented upon arrival.  As of January 1, 2023, if a Charterer (Renter)        will be driving and docking the houseboat for themselves without assistance from our crew, the Charterer will be required to pay a Refundable        Damage Deposit of $2000.  If the Charterer desires our crew to drive and dock the houseboat, the refundable damage deposit will be $1000.            Please note that if the deposit was processed on a credit card, it can take up to 7 business days to clear.

2)  The Charterer must fill out our electronic Manifest for their party.  We will send this link with our guests welcome kit.  If by chance you lost that          email, you can click Manifest.

3)  Boarding begins at 3 p.m., unless we tell you otherwise.  During the Peak season we schedule all arrivals and departures.  Please be patient with        us if conflicts arise.  We will schedule all arrivals week prior to your arrival time.

4)  Check-out begins at 8 a.m., during peak season.  Our manager will schedule all check-out times and will notify you prior to your check-out.  If              you need an early check-out please let our crew know at time of check-in. Guests who are staying in-slip, check-out time is 10 a.m.

5)  Guests who purchased the Island Adventure Package MUST check in by 5 P.M. (summer hours) or 2 hours before sunset in off season.  If not,            you will stay the night at the dock and we will get you on your way the next A.M. If arriving after 5 P.M., please contact the office to make Prior          arrangements.  A Charterer staying in-slip, the guests are welcome to check-in anytime after 3 p.m.  If the Charterer is going to be after 8 p.m.,          please let us know ahead of time.

7)  Once you leave the dock, you will not be allowed to re-dock without prior arrangements with us.

8)  Any shuttle service will be arranged ahead of time, 9 A.M. – 5 P.M.  There will be a $50 shuttle fee each way.  We do not shuttle
after 5 P.M, unless it is an emergency.

9)  Absolutely NO personal BBQ Grills and/or fish fryers, no gas cans, marine batteries, or car batteries are allowed on the boat.

  Try to anticipate any special needs you may have to make your trip more fun. 

Be sure to bring plenty of food and drinks! Don’t spend your time running back and forth from the grocery store.  Bring Ice Chests for overflow of beverages!  ARKANSAS DOES NOT SELL ALCOHOL ON SUNDAY!!

  • Walmart (Grocery Pickup) – 1601 Albert Pike Road, Hot Springs, AR
  • Kroger (Grocery Pickup) – 215 Airport Road, Hot Springs, AR
  • Harps (Grocery Pickup) – 146 Thornton Ferry Road, Hot Springs, AR

We do provide you with linens. Enough for total person capacity for the boat rented.  All of our boats except the 54’ have washers, dryers & dishwashers.   So please keep that in mind.  If you do not think the totals that we provide will be enough, you are welcome to bring your more linens.  We only have enough linens for all the boats.  Exchanging linens may not be an option if we are sold out.

  • 54’ – 10 Towels, 10 Wash Cloths, 1 Bath Mats, 4 Hand Towels, 3 Kitchen Towels, Sheets and pillow cases for each bed.
  • 75’ – 10 Towels, 10 Wash Cloths, 2 Bath Mats, 4 Hand Towels, 3 Kitchen Towels, Sheets and pillow cases for each bed.
  • 83’ – 14 Towels, 14 Wash Cloths, 2 Bath Mats, 6 Hand Towels, 3 Kitchen Towels, Sheets and pillow cases for each bed.

We supply paper towels (2 rolls) and toilet paper (Shorter stays 4 rolls per bathroom, longer stays 5 rolls per bathroom.)  We only use RV safe toilet paper.  If you feel the number of  toilet paper that we supply is not enough, please let us know. No feminine products in toilets.

We provide (6) 55 Gallon trash bags for the two outside trash cans for all boats.  We also provide you with four small trash bags for the bathroom trash can, and five kitchen trash bags.  Please note that the 75′ & 83′ houseboats have compactors in the kitchen.  They do not use regular trash bags.  You are welcome to bring more trash/compactor bags if you feel you will need more.

If you are bringing your own boat or wave runners, please bring life jackets, buoys, tie off ropes.  Guests are not allowed to remove Lake Escape buoys or ropes.  DO NOT TIE OFF YOUR BOAT OR WAVER RUNNERS TO OUR HOUSEBOATS. 

You can purchase 20 lb. bags of ice, from Safe Harbor Marina just next door to us. We have carts to help you carry.



Adult Emergency Life Jackets – No Children Sizes. Arkansas law requires children 12 and under to wear a life jacket at all times boating or swimming. Flat Screen TV in Living Room Only. Lake Map
Gas Grill (we provide Propane) Refrigerator Electric Stove and Oven
Microwave Toaster & Blender Ninja Coffee maker, we provide a reusable filter.
Pots (Large, Medium & Small) 2 Frying Pans Cookie Sheet
(9×13) Cake Pan 3 Serving/Mixing Bowls Hot Pads
Cutting Board Measuring Cup & Spoons Can Opener
Cork Screw Vegetable Peeler Potato Masher, Spatula, & Tongs
Serving Spoons Mixing Spoons 3 Rolls of Paper Towels
4 Rolls of Toilet Paper per bathroom
(6 total)
Fly Swatters Small Bottle of Dish Liquid
2 Ash Trays First Aid Kit 3 Fire Extinguishers
Small & Large Glasses Coffee Cups & Saucers Dinner Plates & Bowls
Silverware – Spoons, Forks, Knives Cutlery & Steak Knives Bathroom & Bed Linens
Pillows Toilet Brush Bathroom Cleaner
Deck Chairs Indoor Dining Table (54′ & 75″ boats only) Inside Bar Chairs (75′ & 83″ Boats only)
Trash Bags Patio Furniture on bow and top deck. Dishwasher (75′ & 83′ only)
Washer & Dryer (75′ & 83′ only) Patio Tables & chairs are available on the bow and top decks of all houseboats.


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